William Michael Paul
Height: 5' 11 1/2
Hair Color: Salt & Pepper
Eye Color: Hazel
Dramatic Artists Agency, Inc.
50 - 16th Avenue
Kirkland, WA 98033

Motion Pictures or Film
Olympians Herring Productions Ryan Herring
Shade of Music * Star TaTy Films D. Mitry
Happy Monday *Star Scaringifilms Olin Padilla
Heaven's Hostage * Star John Estes Production John Estes
Poppies Poppies Production David Bertelsen
Nightshade *Star Shayescobar Productions
Mail Order Bride * Star TBT Productions Tony Doupe
For Sam *Star 168 Film Festival/ Lydia Ko Andrew Oh
Counter-Fit * Star 168 Film Festival/ Christine Fry Tim Lowry
Two Spoiled * Star GadZookFilm Production Jef Faulkner
Plastic Wrap * Star USC Productions Julia Godzinskaya/Cole Pool
Last Stand. *Star Directors, Ltd. Full Featured Lyle Holmes

The Project Defining Moment Entertainment. LLC Regina Answorth
The Most Beautiful Victorian Gentleman Brett Smith
Untethered Native America Sheriff
General Hospital Port Charles Mayor ABC
Montel Williams Judge Stand Comm/ Dan Gallow

Mystery Train Several supporting roles Events on the Edge
Mystery Theater Several Supporting Roles Slixer Entertainment
White Buffalo Native Elder Mirror Stage Productions
Laura Detective McPherson *Lead PAGSK
Joseph's Coat Pharaoh Paradise Theatre
Cedars Story Teller *Lead Red Eagle Soaring

Available Upon Request.

Other Film
Star Trek, Voice over for Romulan Ambassador Bevoral, Temporal Productions.
Jelous Kingdom, Voice Over for animated USC Production. Judd King Director
Encyclopedia Encarta , Voice Over for Chief Joseph, Microsoft Production

Tony Doupe
Clay Banks, LA (On Going)
Christinna Chauncey, LA
Steven Anderson, LA ( 3 Years)
Commercial Acting, Jodi Rothfield Casting

Special Skills and Abilities
Acting Coach and Teacher at TCC. Passport, Speaks some Lakota, some Spanish, some Japanese. Dialect-Italian, Southern ( Several Regions) Base-Baritone Singing Voice. Plays Native American Flute. Plays some Guitar. Former Marine. Kayaker. Cross Country Skier. Lt. Gov. of Toast Masters