George Wertz
Height: 6'3
Hair Color: S&P
Eye Color: Blue
Dramatic Artists Agency, Inc.
50 - 16th Avenue
Kirkland, WA 98033

Motion Pictures or Film
Ten Things I Hate About You Ten Things Productions Gil Junger
Highway New Line Productions James Cox
Slaves To The Underground Enough Rope, Inc. Kristine Peterson
House of the Rising Acid Rain Filmworks, Inc. Timothy Hines

Bette ...Or Not To Be #104 Andrew D Weyman
Bette Halloween #105 Andrew D Weyman
Bette Diva, Interrupted #108 Andrew D Weyman
Bette A brand new Roy #116 Andrew D Weyman
Rose Red Victor Productions Craig R Baxley
Mad About You A Pain in the Neck #704 Gordon Hunt
Northern Exposure The Quest Michael Vittes
Ladies Man Country Clubbed #107 Rob Schiller
History Channel Pinnacle Production
Ladies Man After You've Gone #117 Shelley Jensen
Mad About You Breastfeeding #610 David Steinberg
Married...with children Breaking Up Is Easy To Do #1117 Gerry Cohen
Northern Exposure Tranquility Base Michael Fresco
Married...with children Chicago Shoe Exchange #1121 Mark Samuels
Nanny California, Here We Come #614 Peter Marc Jacobson
Ladies Man After You're Gone #111 Tom Cherones

Three Cents High Pockets Jewel Box & Main Stage,NWA Studio

Available Upon Request.

NY Summer Improv Retreat: Gary Austin, Micheal Gellman, Noel Katz, Wenndy MacKenzie, Carol Fox Prescott, Larry Rosen, Jeffery Sweet
Carol Fox Prescott, Gary Austin
Wenndy Mackenzie, Gary Austin
Gary Austin, Kip King, Marie Pettit, Susan Connors, Shandell Sosna
Creating a Character: Dick Arnold Voice-over: Dennis Bateman
Kip King

Special Skills and Abilities
Martial arts: Judo. Dance: ballroom, street, contemporary. Sports: Swimming , Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Fly Fishing, Golf. Weapons: Hand guns. Equestrian: Western