Teagan Fletcher
Height: 42"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Dramatic Artists Agency, Inc.
50 - 16th Avenue
Kirkland, WA 98033

Motion Pictures or Film
Available upon request

Available on request

Available on request

Available Upon Request.

Other Film


Special Skills and Abilities
ice skates and roller blades, rides a bike, scooter and an ATV, swims easily and can hold his breath without plugging his noise, whistle, wink, snap his fingers and raise an eye brow, run, skip, hop on one foot, do push ups and sit ups, climbs a tree, do summersaults and do a head stand, pretend to be in slow motion and fast forward, likes to use character voices and sing songs, throw, kick and bat a ball, plays ice hockey and swims, likes to role play and great at following directions, does not need to nap and always happy go lucky, loves to dance; both brake dance and hip hop, can throw and catch a frisbee, loves animals, can swing by himself on a swing, go down a slide and climb a rock wall. Loves the camera and having attention on him.